Fixtures/Results/League Tables & Cup Results in Britain are listed on site, including the FA CUP from the first Qualifying Round + all the FA Trophy + FA Vase Results together with Scottish, Welsh and Irish Leagues. Couple this with Match Odds throughout + Fixtures/Results and League Tables pertaining to 23 major Leagues of Europe and Champions League + EUROPA.

Through the Link listed at REAL FOOTBALL  [YOUR CLUB], we list nearly 2,000 Club Pages of Clubs in the Leagues and Cups of Europe. Each of these pages carries the Club Emblem and has links to specific Club websites, Twitter feeds and Facebook as well as a full rundown on what YOUR CLUB has been up to in League & Cup Matches this season and a League History for each League dating back several years.

Beyond REAL FOOTBALL RESULTS, you get to play _:

League Division Competition (Round xx).  x rounds left  
Time limit: Saturday x/xx/20xx, 13:00 (UK)

English Leagues (high)  Select 15 from 21
English Leagues (low)  Select 15 from 21
FA Cup  Select 15 from 38 
Scottish, Welsh, and Irish Leagues  Select 15 from 30

European Mediterranean East  Select 15 from 44
European Central  Select 15 from 45
European North West  Select 15 from 24
Iberian Peninsula  Select 15 from 27

Combined Counties League  Select 15 from 50
Isthmian League  Select 15 from 35
Kent Leagues  Select 15 from 22
Midlands East - South - Central  Select 15 from 66
Midlands Leagues  Select 15 from 87
Northern County Leagues  Select 15 from 89
Northern Premier League  Select 15 from 34
South Coast Leagues  Select 15 from 66
South West County Leagues  Select 15 from 25
Southern League  Select 15 from 43
Western Counties Leagues  Select 15 from 17 



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