We will create an emblem for you based on you registered name. Here are some samples from our library.

The approach in designing the emblems is fairly simple. The Roman name & the suffix are briefly scrutinized for anything that might inspire some form of visual symbolism, including Researching Historical, Social and Sports Resources.


Emblem Inspiration: Acha Goaldenboys

Goaldenboys inspires the likeness of a Golden Boy (model; Manneken Pis in Brussels)...The Football?...consider it anything a Soccer fan might want to pee on?

alwin looprevil

Emblem Inspiration: Alwin Looprevil

Based on a standard emblem related to Liverpool and the Coat of Arms of Liverpool. The creature is a cross between a Phoenix and a Swan, mostly because the standard emblem had a Phoenix but the actual Coat of Arms for Liverpool has what looks like a duck! the look was a compromise...and it faces backwards (compared to the Sources) and to match the Looprevil!

Emblem Inspiration: RedwaldLiverpool >>

Redwald Liverpool - Redwald couldn't decide between being a Christian and a pagan, so he built a Temple that served both. The Cross, originally a pagan symbol, adopted by Christianity, is used to reflect that duality. Apparently he dealt with death as a pagan and was determined to have been interred in the great Sutton Hoo Ship burial. The helmet is based on one found in that burial site........possibly Redwald's.


Emblem Inspiration: Andredswald Goaldenboys

The Andredswald matches a golden theme with some elements intended to reflect a description of the Forest that is found online (abridged) "...situated between the parallel chalked escarpments and (the white swirls)...regarded as three separate parts (the mound); sandstone the centre; clay...periphery; and the Greensand Ridge which stretches around the North and West ...once a vast Forest".


Emblem Inspiration: Aston CSKA Nottingham

Uses elements of the Nottingham Coat of Arms along with red & blue, since those two colours dominate anything found relative to Aston Villa + CSKA.


Emblem Inspiration: Axminster United

Inspired primarily by the Axminster United Reformed Church (Chard Street), which has a window framed as shown (upside down here) & blue doors. The word "Áxminster" means "Monastery or large Church by the river Ax" - thus the flowing water hint near the bottom. Axminster lies on two major Roman roads - symbolized by the Roman ax (The Road to War) and the Roman Cross (The Road to Heaven).

Emblem Inspiration: Caracalla Dracula

Based partly on a sample image depicting a cat as a vampire. Did a little looking into Caracalla to find him hailed as a notoriously greedy and murderous leader (killed his own co-ruling brother and all!)...So, since family is related in blood, as is murder (bloodthirsty), a vampiric image is worthy!

Emblem Inspiration: Dio Blues

Dio being related to God, (visualised here as the Hand of God), along with Blues, brought to mind The King Of Blues, BB King...who has representation here in the form of his branded Gibson "Lucille" Guitar, being used for both the shape of the emblem & part of its content. Beyond that, two Roman guys named Dio, one a Philosopher, the other an Historian, both created 80 things for their trade in the early AD's.

Emblem Inspiration: Dio Rio de las Minas

Nothing to see here...move along...meaning, no basis for inspiration other than the colour scheme of a sample emblem.


Emblem Inspiration: Hercules Hurricanes

On seeing how Hercules is of Greek origin, the decision was made to ignore the Roman aspect and just focus on the symbolic aspect of Hercules' strength, using the flexed bicepts imagary. As for the Hurricanes aspect, those semi lightning-looking flashes in the background are a custom version of the otherwise standard symbol of a Hurricane.

Emblem Inspiration: Ida Down

Derived from a Shutterstock image provided...just planted into a shield shape and added text.

Emblem Inspiration: Marcellus Rovers

The primary basis for this design are the colours and the emblem element (rose) of Blackburn Rovers. There are numerous Marcellus characters found in the search, though even the fella most likely intended for the reference apparently didn't do much apart from fight wars and govern!

Emblem Inspiration: Maximus Optimus

Maximus apparently enjoyed a life of Battle, reflected in the use of the armored helmet. The cross formed in the red area relates to his dealings with the folks down Vatican way...I can't remember if they were favourable or otherwise. But the main inspiration for the Emblem grew from Optimus...namely Optimus Prime of Transformers fame and the Autobot and Decepticon emblem stylings.

Emblem Inspiration: Theodbald The Great

Theobald might be the former Archbishop of Canterbury (well after Roman times, though), or possibly a former King of Bernicia (Durham/Northumberland) area who was aka Theodoric and Dioric...(not Theodoric the Great)...the only mention of him was getting killed by some guy named Urien. So this emblem works with the crown within + a semblance of the logo of the Church of England to cover both.

Emblem Inspiration: Tin-islands Are Canny

The basis for this one's theme should be fairly obvious. The thing in the center is based on... "Ptolemy mentioned them as ten small islands in the North West of Spain, far off the coast and arranged symbolically as a ring". A Greek font is used for the word CANNY since they appear to be responsible for fabricating this otherwise fictional place to begin with, (could refer to the British Islands themselves, though).

Emblem Inspiration: Withering Onvine

The request was - "See what humour you can come up with there! - Withering On Vine". While "On Vine" has its own direct connotations, regarding things that grow on vines, such as he grapevines setting the background, having withered grapes didn't ring funny...but the twist of it being "onvine" couldn't be resisted...which led to incorporating a somewhat withered looking grey sheep with grape-shaped hair?


Emblem Inspiration: - Hardly necessary?

Although it was assumed the whole world is aware of him, having no idea who Tim Brewster is, but being tasked to create a semblance of him, a quick Google search turned up a number of Results for one Tim Brewster but not the one intended...a controversial Horse of a different Football. So, all there was to go on were a couple of Cartoon caricatures that were provided that hopefully bear a resemblance here?

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